The agency "SOUTH TOUR"

Leisure, Travel, Excursion to Russia from Abroad

Phone: +7 (861) 234-45-58; +7 (861) 944-05-50.

Address: 350 058, Str. Starokubanskaya. 116 and 17a of- (map)



Health tours in Russia and abroad, bus tours, cruises, vacation on the Black Sea and abroad

Phone: +7 (861) 210-06-78

Address: Krasnodar, ul.Atarbekova, 44 (map)


Holidays in Russia and abroad, and tours of Russia, exotic islands, river and sea cruises. Making your travel documents

Phone: +7 (861) 268-40-07

Address: Str. Lenina 45 / Rashpilevskaya, 42 (map)

Del Mare

Trips to Abkhazia, Crimea, CMS, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring, Karelia. Air tours from Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow. Cruises in Russia and abroad. Bus Tours

Phone: 8-960-490-64-32

Address: Str. Track 5 / 2 (map)


Tours at sea on any number of days, camps, coaches in Germany, from Krasnodar, visas

Phone: +7(861) 268-29-91

Address: Str. Railway, 24, of.3 (map)


We are pleased to offer you a wide range of tourist services: tours of any complexity, both in Russia and abroad with various combinations of countries, sea, ski resorts, treatment, etc.

Phone: +7(861) 234-45-58

Address: Str. Starokubanskaya, 116 and, of.48 (map)


Pilgrimages to holy places. Children`s health holiday. Sea and river cruises. Spa treatment in Russia and abroad. Study abroad. Ski resorts. bus tours to Europe

Phone: +7 (861) 275-74-63

Address: Str. Garden, 105 (map)

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